Spatial@Melbourne provides a platform helping the industry, government and non-profit organisations identify world-class experts at The University of Melbourne able to address your spatial information needs. See below for more information of the main engagement partners of Spatial@Melbourne.

AURIN (Australia’s Urban Intelligence Network) is a national collaboration delivering e-research infrastructure to empower better decisions for Australia’s human settlements and their future development.

The AURIN Portal, is delivering access to diverse data from multiple sources, and is facilitating data integration and data interrogation using open source e-research tools. This generates meaningful knowledge – urban intelligence – the evidence base for informed decisions for the smart growth and the sustainable development of Australia’s cities and towns.

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The Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS) is a research centre established at the University of Melbourne focused on conducting multi-disciplinary research and training on disaster management and public safety both nationally and internationally.

Research at CDMPS focuses on themes associated with preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating against incidents across the all-hazards spectrum of emergency/disaster management. This is an important objective in light of major disasters worldwide which have had significant impact.

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The Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration:

  • provides a focus for research in Spatial Data Infrastructures, Land Administration, and spatial enablement by building on ongoing research relationships and creating new links through extended collaboration both nationally and internationally
  • undertakes original world-wide research in land policy, land management, land information, spatial data, technical applications and other areas
  • supports spatial data developments and land administration particularly in the Asia-Pacific region

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The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), aims to facilitate and enable research linkages, projects and conversations leading to increased understanding of sustainability and resilience trends, challenges and solutions. The MSSI approach includes a particular emphasis on the contribution of the social sciences and humanities to understanding and addressing sustainability and resilience challenges. MSSI is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning, at the University of Melbourne.

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Melbourne Networked Society Institute

The Melbourne Networked Society Institute (MNSI) is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Melbourne focused on understanding the impact of the increased connectivity between people, places and things to create the networked society.

The explosion in the number of connected devices projected over the coming decade will have a transformative effect upon society. This is being witnessed in the proliferation of mobile devices and the expanding number of objects and people connecting to the Internet. These advances in computing and communications technologies are enabling the creation of a networked society, defined by the connectivity between people, places and things. The resulting challenges and opportunities transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, requiring an interdisciplinary research approach.

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June 2023