AURIN is running a workshop for all researchers who wish to learn more about AURIN and the potential to incorporate a spatial decision support aspect to their research.  No prior experience of GIS or data is required.

Participants in the AURIN workshop will explore the extensive data repositories and extract information about Australian cities. Using the user friendly yet sophisticated tools contained within the AURIN portal, participants can mould this information into visible and sharable knowledge. Until now, much of this information has remained behind closed doors. AURIN enables access to this data for policy decision makers and planning professionals across all urban fields, letting users discover and mash-up data, information and knowledge.

Attendees will be able to expand their skills in GIS with our QGIS tutorial and spatial statistical skills using R.  We will learn how to interoperate between these three systems (AURIN Portal, QGIS and R) for maximum analysis impact.

Participants can undertake comparative analyses to study health data, analyse revealing socio-economic information, investigate walkability of neighbourhoods and more. Familiarity with these metrics is essential to understanding patterns of urban development and to best inform smart urban growth for a sustainable future.

This workshop will be held 10am to 4pm Friday 10th March @ University of Melbourne – Frank Tate Building, 761 Swanston St, Parkville VIC 3052


Proposed Itinerary for the day:

10-11 Intro to Spatial with map.aurin

11-1 AURIN Portal

1-2 Out to Lunch (Lunch not provided)

2-3 Interoperating with QGIS

3-4 ‘R’ for spatial


Any queries please contact the organizer:

For more information and to register for the event visit: AURIN Resbaz Training Day